From Citysearch:

"Dr. Dinh has been my dentist for the past 3 years, and she's been very professional. She answers all your questions and concerns, she's very skilled, and has wonderful and friendly staff. I highly recommend her!"- MariaT

"I have been going to Dr. Dinh for several years. I get reminded on when my cleanings are due. I got a root canal done. I also got fitted for invisalign there. She is very affordable. Dr. Dinh worked with me with I lost my insurance coverage. She offers great service and expertise. Never had any issues there. Her staff is very friendly and helpful. The office looks awesome which is a plus. I have recommended friends to Dr. Dinh. I will continue to have Dr. Dinh as my Dentist. I highly recommend her."-Superchan007

"Well, this was a welcome addition to Houston's collection of architecture, I must say. I've been going for quite a while to Dr. Dinh, though admittedly not as often as recommended i'm sure. The atmosphere is great, what else can you expect from a dental office that looks like a high end spa? Whoever did the decorating is great, go see for yourself! So simple yet so colorful yet so chic and nice, I could go on forever. As for the service, sometimes a bit vague but as a patient, I believe it is ones responsibility to ask the questions. Doctors are busy, I'm sure, so ask questions and you'll get clear answers from Dr. Dinh. I recommend her."-Samsung123

"Dr. Dinh and her staff are a fantastic and professional dental team. I usually dreaded going to the dentist, until a friend recommended I try Dr. Dinh. That was 2 years ago and I can not say enough about how at ease and gentle Dr. Dinh is. I've had a couple of fillings, two crowns, and my teeth whitened and am very pleased with the results. I find her very knowledgeable and informative when it comes to procedures, and her prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend Dr. Dinh for those seeking a highly skilled dentist in a chic office (not your typical sterile dental office) at very affordable prices."-Ziggy1973

From Yelp:

"I first saw Dr Dinh in an emergency situation.  It was two days before my wedding, I had just lost a filling at Pappas Seafood, called my regular dentist and he was out on medical leave.  In a panic, I went to the closest dentist to my location that took my insurance.  Luckily, it was Dr. Dinh.  She was amazing!  Her office is very spa-like and the staff is very friendly.  Dr Dinh always explains the procedures thoroughly and seems to care about you as her patient.  I really appreciate her kind attitude, I have had some rather big jerks as dentists in the past. I now go for my cleanings religiously!" -Katie W.

"I've gone to Dr. Dinh for several months now.  Since the first visit, her and her staff have been nothing but nice to me.  I had not visited a dentist in a much longer time than I'd like to admit, but she didn't give me a guilt trip like other dentists in the past have done to me.Like someone else said on here, she doesn't use sedation, but she has always been more than willing to numb up the work area when I've gone in.  She's been willing to answer any questions I have, as has her staff. Dinh has also recommended me to two different periodontists about more involved procedures when she thought them to be necessary. I keep going back because of the friendliness of everyone in the office, and, if the Texas heat wouldn't kill me, within walking distance of my apartment."-Chris V.

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